Sarah Has Over 450+ Happy Coaching Clients and Counting

Making her one of the most wanted holistic health and lifestyle coaches in the market

Why Do I Need a Holistic Health Coach?

Your life will thrive with proper Guidance, Motivation and Inspiration

Positive life changes create a happy, strong, and productive you

How You Will Improve Your Life


Sarah ML (Mannafest Living) guides women through major life changes. She offers creative solutions and holistically addresses what feeds your soul.


She provides individualized coaching for women from 25 to 55, giving you tools to create clarity. She offers authentic listening and instructions to support a healthy lifestyle.


Sarah speaks and leads interactive discussions. Allow her to inspire your group to shift into a healthier lifestyle, backed with the knowledge necessary to begin creating immediate changes.

Strategy Session Testimonial

What Sarah ML (Mannafest Living) Offers You

Individualized, holistic health coaching, authentic listening, plant-based cuisine, and organization

A Strategy Session is a wonderful opportunity to address one of the following questions:

  • Where in your life are you feeling most challenged?
  • If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
  • What is one thing you’re procrastinating on more than anything else?

Clients see massive shifts can occur, in as short as a 30 minute session. “Outstanding”, “Inspiring” and “Transformational” are the words frequently heard regarding the clarity they discover. Book a free strategy session now to experience how to access the greatness hidden within you and take action to create a new reality.

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Holistic Health Coaching with
Sarah ML Teaches You

Goal accomplishment, ideal weight, increased energy, incorporation of healthy foods, improved relationships, and new confidence in your life

Your program will include:

• Two 50-75 minute sessions per month

• E-mail support between sessions

• Access to Mannafest Living’s  private Facebook group

• Healthy recipes that are simple to prepare

• Coaching and support to make dietary & lifestyle changes

• Informative handouts that increase nutritional knowledge

• Access to Mannafest Living’s monthly newsletter with health tips & recipes

• Sarah’s personal commitment to her clients health and success

Sarah ML Meets her Clients where they feel most comfortable

Where ever you are, physically and spiritually, Sarah comes to you. She has local, national and international clients.

Sarah meets clients where they feel most comfortable. Whether it is in your home, office, a coffee shop, the library, a nature trail or at the beach, Sarah creates a sacred space for your process so you will feel supported and at ease.

  • Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or via Skype.
  • Session location may vary throughout the coaching program according to the client’s goals and intentions.
  • Walking/Movement Sessions are also a possibility as Sarah believes that inspiration always follows motion.

Holistic Health Coaching and Nutritional Health Coach

Sarah is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and has served as an Ambassador for their Nutritional Health Coaching Program since 2013. She is Board Certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). She is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC). She is also a registered Yoga teacher for Vinyasa Power.

Sarah studied with Matthew Kenney Cuisine, the leading international academy for plant-based cuisine, and is certified in Culinary Nutrition, as well as Plant-based Desserts. She frequently gives classes on this subject to various sized groups.

Sarah is internationally certified with 20 years of experience in holistic consultation and leads both private and group classes. She lectures internationally, before differing forums, from the health-curious to the avidly health-conscious. She teaches food-prep courses to both children and adults, offering workshops, lectures and holistic health coaching. Sarah is a three time international best selling author.

Invite Sarah ML to Speak and Inspire your Community

Sarah ML offers speaking and leadership for groups of all sizes, as well as inspiring and motivating workshops

Excite and inform your group to own their health and wellness journey.  Let Sarah ML’s facilitation, authenticity and passion for her work be a contribution to inspiring your group to step into their own greatness. Attendees walk away from events ready to become catalyst for healthy change for themselves, their families and organizations.

“Tremendous”, “Encouraging”, “Doable” and “Informative” are often heard following workshops, keynotes and lecturers. Book a speaking engagement to inspire your community to rekindle the joy of living well. They will feel more authentically empowered with the knowledge necessary to help them create gradual and lasting change in their lives.

Speaking Endorsement

As Executive Director of Just Be Centre my goal is to educate the public about health and well being by treating the body, mind and spirit. I’ve had the privilege of hosting Sarah Mastriani-Levi at several of our educational lectures. She is extremely well educated in holistic nutrition an is passionate about her work. She goes above and beyond to support her clients by making herself available in person or on Skype for those looking for a lifestyle change. Whether you’ve experienced trauma or drama in your life or are just sick and tired of being sick and tired Sarah is there to help you co-create the life you’ve always imagined.
Nannette Manning, Executive Director, Just Be Centre for Enlightenment

Book a Speaking Engagement

Sarah speaks on nutritional topics at workshops, conferences, and ladies nights. She can create theme-based meals and demos. She lectures internationally, offering coaching for the health-curious to the avidly health-conscious.

Mannafest Living Creates Unique Events & Retreats

Sarah often creates events, meals, and retreats as an extension of her coaching practice to help her clients taste and experience what healthy living truly feels like.

I am excited to read more about your vision for your event. Whether I can provide what you are needing individually, or if I need to bring in my team or other collaborators, I will do my best to create a truly memorable and meaningful experience for you.

Let’s Create Your Event

Upcoming Speaking Events

Find out more and see you there.

What’s in Your Kitchen? Do you really know?

Sarah challenges the SAD (Standard American Diet), assisting her clients
in gradually including more fresh, healthy foods in their lives.
This process aids them in discovering healthy deliciousness to feed their
spirits with plant-based cuisine.

Together she and her clients to go through and organize pantries,
cupboards, refrigerators and freezers by taking stock of what is really
going on in their kitchens. This exercise, cathartic as it may seem,
triggers a catalytic, life-cleansing process that goes much deeper than
just having a tidy space. It is not uncommon for clients to
extend this cleansing process into other areas of their lives and homes.

Sarah provides clarity and organization. Clean out your clutter. Take stock.

Improve your efficiency. And best of all, win back more time for your true passions.

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Mannafest Living LLC

Sarah Mastriani-Levi

Bluffton, South Carolina
Serving: Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort and all of Beaufort County


Sarah’s commitment to my wellness is infectious. As a result, I have taken more action in my career and marriage to be fulfilled and balanced. Sarah is an inspiring nutrition guru and a relentless advocate for whole life wellness. Through working with Sarah, I have become more confident in my career and happier in my marriage. Sarah helps me see simple action steps (and commit to them!) that I can take to improve my health and whole life function.
Marika Tomkins, Walla Walla, Washington, Your Best Health and Self, Holistic Health Coach
Signing up to coach with Sarah is the best decision I made for myself.It took my health and overall well being to a new level.
She helped me identify issues, come up with solutions and face challenges successfully.
I highly recommend this for anyone facing health and wellness issues or wanting to transition into living a healthy lifestyle. Sarah will help you achieve long term success.
Greta Lynne, Okatie, South Carolina, Herban Marketplace, Owner
Sarah has been an inspiration for us, and a source of a lot of helpful and practical knowledge. Sarah puts her soul into everything that she does. She is a friendly and sensitive person, and knows how to listen. We found ourselves saying things to her things that we did not know we thought or felt, and her listening and gentle remarks were always helpful.
Oded & Orly Netanel, Be’erotiim, ISRAEL, Bella Donna Band, Musicians
What I love the most about working with Sarah is that she truly cares. You know & feel that beyond any session she is thinking of new solutions, recipes, or methods to share that can help forward your dreams, wishes, and plans for a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Her loyalty, trustworthiness, and sincerity set her above the rest. Sarah’s gentle tenacity will help you get to where you want to go!
Carla Golden, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Carla Golden Wellness, Spiritual Nutritionist & Massage Therapist
Sarah quickly realized our commitment to excellence and growth on many levels. She authentically listened to our goals, intentions and dreams. She gently guided us, creating baby steps that were very doable, to create big changes in our lives on both a personal and professional level.
We have completely re-organized our lives and have created, efficient systems that are in alignment with our personal values and support our family. Sarah works as an accountability partner and pushes us to achieve more of what we are passionate about.
Alina & Rich Porcelli, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Bluffton Center for Dentistry
I’ve worked with Sarah Mastriani-Levi over several years, as my health and personal coach. She created a program tailored to my needs. My health drastically improved after getting nutritional and raw food advice. But the best improvement came in my marriage. Sarah influenced me deeply. I became a better husband and person. She is a wonderful human. Highly recommended.
Andrew DiGenova, Los Gatos, California, Ingenious Machines, Marketing and Design
I started working with Sarah when my business was just a fledgling. With her guidance and patience, we have been able to address many aspects of my life, business, and relationships that had been virtually hidden from my mind. She has lovingly and confidently assisted my journey to self discovery. Her ability, to identify my personal sources of confusion and discontent, is impressive. Even more impressive is her ability to help me through these touchy subjects without passing judgement. I am grateful for her time, abilities, and professionalism.
Natalee Marick, Lady's island, South Carolina, The Mutt Master- Dog Training from A-Z, Expert Trainer

Personal Chefing

Once a week, I had Sarah come to my home, and was amazed to see how she could use, manipulate, create, and re-create foods in the most imaginative and healthy way, and of course, she didn’t need recipes. She has an innate wisdom of food, spices, and also integrated health lessons into each session. She is a true “food whisperer”. And I need to mention, she helped me set up an organic garden, so I could have the easiest access to the foods I loved and that were important to my health. From seed to table to catering events, Sarah has it covered intelligently, creatively, and everything was “sliced with love”. Everyone interested in their health, needs Sarah’s food and wisdom.
Carole Freidman, Carlsbad, CA
Sarah is an exceptional woman with so much wisdom and so many gifts to share…a remarkable, authentic person!
Sarah introduced me to raw food and lovingly taught me how to prepare delicious dishes. I am constantly amazed at what she creates from the land. Working with Sarah transforms your entire life – to one of health, vitality and pure magic.
Kerri Baruch, Ra'nana, ISRAEL, Holistic Life and Nutritional Coach
I learned a lot from Sarah to increase my comfort with food combinations and spices. She taught me in a very intelligent and inquisitive, yet safe, way how to listen to my intuition and to provide my body with what it was needing. I’m thankful for how versed she is in holistic health and am amazed by how I continue to be affected by Sarah’s spirit, energy and teachings long after our coaching sessions.
Rabbi Tzipi Radonsky, Lady’s Island, South Carolina, Watering the Tree Outside the Fence Foundation
Sarah has a tremendous knowledge of nutrition and dietary theories. Her recipes are quick, simple and delicious. She is an International Best Selling Author and her coaching can change the way you eat forever!
I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah, helping her prepare for events. Her passion for health, use of vibrant ingredients, and attention to detail, make her a brilliant choice for enhancing your life.
Julia Dawson-Diver, Bluffton, South Carolina, Ruby's Homemade Ice Cream, COSTA RICA


Working with Sarah is a complete joy! She has spoken at several events that I hosted .She taught me how to prepare a wide variety of what quickly became my new ‘go-to’ favorites. I now have a deeper understanding of how food provides my body with vital energy. We streamlined my kitchen operation. She inspired me on every level to love myself thru my food choices. AND we had fun the whole time!
Kaitlen Groetzinger, Hilton Head Island, SC, Awaken the Yogi Within, Owner
I just wanted to tell you that since the “Women’s Night” that you hosted, I am yet to partake in any festive meal that left me feeling so light, yet so satisfied simultaneously, and for such an extended time afterwards.
Today, I know that was the “Raw Food Effect”, and I want to thank you for the opportunity to her you speak and the exposure to this experience.
Noa Agassi, Ra’anana, ISRAEL, Even Hoshen, Consultant
My first experience working with Sarah was at a lecture she gave to a group hosted by a friend. I was captured by her low-key, friendly approach. At some point she began speaking on our relationship with food stimulating our/a spiritual relationship. This really spoke to me and created an awakening that is still growing to this day. Working with Sarah has been a blessing and a gift. The gift lies in her knowledge, the blessing is her passion and presence when she is with you.
Laura Petersen, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Loving Radically, Metaphysical & Intuitive Healer
I have heard Sarah speak many times. Sarah has advanced and innovative knowledge of nutrition, as well as of the healthiest methods of treating her clients ailments, through pure nourishment. She prepares meals in the most aesthetic manner. She is a calm, pleasant and patient woman with depth and the ability to listen and empathize. She has a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and complementary treatments that evoke healing processes in her clients.
Michal Ben Arieh, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL, Expert Clinical Psychologist


I met Sarah at a dance class during a particularly challenging time in my professional life. Sarah helped guide me through the process of cleaning out a pantry full of old, expired, and toxic foods. After that session together, I was inspired to “clean up my whole house”, including leaving the stifling dead-end job. From that project, Sarah taught me the invaluable life lesson that making one small change can inspire incredible growth and possibility. I will always be thankful for her guidance through that time.
BB, Bluffton, South Carolina
Throughout my coaching program with Sarah I understood that my relationship with food was different than I had imagined. We started with a kitchen intervention that forced me to take stock of the things in my kitchen that were slowing down my efficiency, not in line with my goals, as well as the many things I was saving for the perfect moment. The intervention was so effective and thought provoking that we ended up reorganizing, downsizing and only keeping what was working for us in the whole house. From our home to our business we incorporated many systems to improve our efficiency and create a healthier environment. Her coaching program has helped me to increase my awareness on many levels.
Bonny Carmody, Beaufort, South Carolina, Executive Flight Training, Owner
Sarah’s help as a health coach has helped me to organize my priorities in life. Sarah taught me how to prepare so many healthy foods. Throughout my coaching programs, we organized the entirety of my house, so that disarray could no longer be an excuse for not taking action. We dedicated an entire coaching program to building my dream business. She had the ability to help me understand what I wanted and to demand my worth.
Susie Haupstein, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Peace.LovePets HHI

Discovery Breakthrough Session

A Discovery Breakthrough Session is the initial step for all clients who are wanting change in their lives. The purpose of this session is two-fold: to hear about everything that is influencing your health and wellness, and to better understand where you are challenged. During this session, we will briefly discuss your goals and intentions, to better understand how I may be the accountability partner to help you achieve what is important to you. The session typically lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. Clients walk away from this initial session feeling heard, inspired, and hopeful regarding change in their lives, with the confidence that they have a partner that will be there to support them.

Refresher Session

A Refresher Session is individually designed for any client who has completed a coaching program with me, and is wanting to recommit to his/her health and wellness on a deeper level. These clients realize the importance of a coach, as a powerful accountability partner, and desire support to create change. This session can focus on any of the topics previously discussed, or alternately, enables clients to focus on new challenges.  It is an opportunity to re-examine goals and intentions and to create a clear plan to help you stay committed to what is most important to you.  The session typically lasts an hour and a half. The goal of this session is to reassess where the client is today and how we can create desired change. Clients feel inspired following this session. They are equipped with the tools necessary to step into the next level of owning their health.

Health History Forms

Here are your 3 easy steps.

1. Download the pdf doc form
(click on the icon)
2. Fill the form out

3. Send the form back to

Completing forms is no fun. I get it. Yet, having all the info we need to start making changes is not only critical…it’s holistic.
Holistic Health Coaching works on many facets of your life. All of the parts come together to make a complete picture. So, please help me to understand the bigger picture before we begin by filling out the appropriate form for your gender. You may either email it back to me or print it out in hard copy and give it to me at the beginning of the Breakthrough Discovery Session.



Weekly Menu Planner

Sarah encourages you to use her awesome weekly menu planner. With this you plan your menus. Track breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, and prep steps for your next day. Use it. It will help you. And best of all it’s free.

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One class, one conversation, one simple change and your life will be forever transformed.